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Allianz Insurance is an excellent global provider of insurance services in healthcare. Allianz Insurance through its International Assistance and Medical Coverage plans is trusted by over 500 Malaysian organizations for provision of outstanding and comprehensive health cover services which also include travel protection. Allianz Insurance provides diverse services to its customer base consisting of over 83 million clients. The organization has experienced rapid growth; having established itself in many countries. This growth is attributed to the fact that Allianz Insurance Malaysia is renowned for assisting people and providing support to clients all the times irrespective of where they are.

With Allianz you will be provided a customized insurance plan which will enable you access quality medical services; you will have peace of mind because this insurance plan will cover you wherever you are around the world.

Allianz medical cover caters for various groups of individuals ranging from expatriates to students. Allianz puts into consideration each and every need and therefore protection plans, costs and advantages have been customized to meet specific needs beginning from more basic needs to more complex ones. You are provided the option to select your preferred place of treatment anywhere on the globe. Additionally Allianz has a proactive work force that is always ready to assist every day for 24 hours 7 days a week no matter where you are located around the globe; the main goal is to provide our customers the best experience in healthcare insurance. You are therefore assured of immediate response to claims and crisis every minute every day.
Do not hesitate, get a quote today and enjoy a wide range of childcare plans, in-patient treatment cover as well as other astounding benefits.


Allianz provides expatriate couples excellent health insurance rates worldwide with comprehensive benefits particularly for maternity. It is simple, get a quotation with us! You are guaranteed lots of benefits at very affordable costs.

Allianz HealthCare Insurance provides a broad range of leading health insurance packages with optional medical covers and other exclusive features that will let you have peace of mind that your wellbeing is secured. Allianz provides flexible benefits for instance we offer discounts for families and teams to ensure that your needs are met conveniently and comfortably.


Illnesses and accident covers
Claim strategy that is quick, transparent and fair
Flexible options such as maternity care, dental care, outpatient and inpatient services
Treatment and medical check-up in Vietnam as well as overseas
Worldwide medical help through International SOS
Unlimited doctor visits
Annual medical examination and vaccination at no cost
Complete coverage for local ambulance help, oncology treatment, organ transplant and home nursing
Number of hospitalization days and hospital services to be provide are unlimited
Immediate response to special case illnesses
24 hours a day 7 days a week Customer Service Centre


Allianz International Assistance (Travel Insurance), also known as Travel Medical Insurance is a travel protection plan intended for those that need to secure their health and cut down travelling costs. These travel protection plans not only cover for medication and visits to medical specialists but also provide crisis protection, repatriation and accidental benefits for example losing items during travel.