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A leading international healthcare group, we run care homes, health centres, dental centres and hospitals, offer personal and company health insurance and provide home healthcare, workplace health services, health assessments and chronic disease management services including health coaching.

We are committed to making quality healthcare, focused on the patients needs, more affordable and accessible in the areas of wellness, chronic disease management and ageing. That’s why we have a broad range of products and services that you don’t need our health insurance to access.

Individual Bupa Plans



BenefitLevel of cover$ US

Staying in hospital overnight or as a day-casePaid in full-Parent accommodationPaid in full-Nursing carePaid in full-Operating room, medicines and surgical dressingsPaid in full-Intensive care, intensive therapy, coronary care and high dependency unitPaid in full-Surgery, inculding surgeons’, anaesthetists’ and assistants’ feesPaid in full-Specialists’ consultation feesPaid in full-Pathology, X-rays and diagnostic testsPaid in full-Physiotherapy, chiropractor and osteopathy, therapists, complementary therapists, dietician and speech therapistPaid in full-RehabilitationPaid in full for 30 days each condition-Advanced imaginigPaid in full for 30 days each condition-RehabilitationPaid in full for 30 days each condition-RehabilitationPaid in full-Psychiatric treatment overnight in hospital, inculding room, board and treatment costs90 days lifetime limit-Psychiatric treatment as a day-case, inculding room, board and treatment costsPaid in full for 20 days each membership-Prosthetic implants and appliancesPaid in full-Prosthetic devicesEach device, up to3,400Childbirth and treatment in hospitalEach membership year, up to13,600Childbirth at home or brithing centreEach membership year, up to1,105Medically essential Caesarean sectionEach membership year, up to22,100Newborn care-127,500Cancer treatmentPaid in full-Transplant servicesEach condition, up to255,000Hospice and palliative careLifetime limit34,000Local road ambulancePaid in full-Local air ambulanceEach membership year, up to8,500Home nursingPaid in full dor 30 days each membership year-Hospitalisation cash benefitEach night for a maximum of up to 30 nights each membership year170Emergency dental treatmentPaid in full-Treatment of congential and hereditary coditionsEach membership year, up to34,000


BenefitLevel of cover$ US

Specialists’ consultation and doctors’ feesPaid in full up to 35 visits each membership year-Physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractor treatmentPaid in full up to 30 visits each membership year-Consltations and treatment with therapists and complementary therapistsPaid in full up to 15 visits each membership year-Psychiatrists’ and psychologists’ feesPaid in full up to 30 visits each membership year-Speech therapyPaid in full-Pathology, X-rays and diagnostic testsPaid in full-Young child careEach membership year, up to1,700MaernityEach membership year, up to5,100Accident-related dental treatmentEach membership year, 80% up to850Transplant servicesEach condition, up to85,000


BenefitLevel of cover$ US

Prescribed medicines and dressingsEach membership year, up to2,550Durable medical equipment rentalUp to 45 days each condition, each membership year up to Long-term prescription medicinesEach membership year, 80% up to

Lifetime limit17,000


BenefitLevel of cover$ US

Screening and prevention:  Full health screen  Mammogram  Papanicolaou (PAP) test  Prostate cancer screen  Colon cancer screenEach membership year, up to850Bone densitometry  Vaccinations  Four dietetic consultations  Dental:  Preventive:Each membership year, 100% up to Routine and major restorative:Each membership year, 80% up to5,950Orthodontic:Each membership year, 50% up to Optical:–Eye test (including consultation):One each membership year, 100%-Spectacle lenses:80%-Contact lenses:80%-Spectacle frames:Once every two membership years, 80% up to255


BenefitLevel of cover$ US

Medical evacuationPaid in full-Medical repatriationPaid in full-Travel costs for an accompanying personPaid in full-Travel costs for the transfer of minor childrenPaid in full-Living allowanceFor a maximum of 10 days each membership year, each day up to170Repatriation of mortal reminsMaximum benefit of11,050Compassionate visit and returnFive trips lifetime limit each membership year, up to1,360Compasasionate visit living allowanceFor a maximum of 10 days each visit, each day up to170